The wild horse dog's owner insists his pet is innocent

The wild steed dog’s owner urges his family pet is safe

  • Hakan Niyazi discussed his canine Coco really felt ‘endangered’ and also was frequently ‘so enjoyable’
  • The Metropolitan Authorities presently released photos of PH Urbane with a variety of crashes
  • GRAPHIC CAUTION: Tale makes up photos that some visitors could find troubling

The owner of an out-of-control dog that assaulted a cops steed and also left it with a variety of crashes has actually urged his family pet is “enjoyable” and also was just “daunted” by the larger pet.

Photo went for the minute verified PH Urbane with a variety of open injuries shielding his legs and also upper body aftervideo footage, caught the other day by a witness in Victoria Park, Londonit verified him being attacked by Coco the American Bully.

Disorderly scenes observed policemans shrieking to obtain the dog on a lead as participants of the public interfered, with one guy using a prolonged adhere to effort to obtain the pet far from Urbane.

The Met Authorities exposed that the steed, whose buddy broke down and also passed away on the 2022 Notting Hillside Circus, had actually currently been to the veterinarian and also was making a “well-earned reconstruction”.

Nonetheless owner Hakan Niyazi, that’s in his twenties, mentioned his pet Coco was bullied and felt threatened, telling the Solar: “She is so pleasant. With any man she is so good. I do not know why it occurred.’

He additionally accused the witness who used an extended stick to maintain the canine away of being ‘impolite’, including: ‘I used to be so offended on the time. He mentioned I did not do something. I attempted.


Hakan Niyazi, who remains in his twenties, discussed his family pet Coco was harassed and also really felt endangered
Hakan Niyazi, in his twenties, mentioned his canine Coco was bullied and felt threatened
The pictures present ‘PH Urbane’ with a number of open wounds protecting his legs and torso
The Met Police revealed that the horse, whose companion collapsed and died on the 2022 Notting Hill Carnival, had now been to the vet and was making a “well-earned restoration”.

“I return power. In case you are impolite to me, I will probably be impolite to you. He was offended. He cursed, he was impolite. I attempted my greatest.’

Officers have been heard shouting “get the canine now”, “get the canine” and “get on with it” as they tried to manage their horses through the incident, which is believed to have lasted for round 5 minutes.

The assault comes after his companion Urbane Sandown, a 14-year-old chestnut, collapsed at Notting Hill Carnival, west London, in September final yr.

Footage taken on the time confirmed the horse, which was 16 arms excessive, toppling over as an officer desperately tried to regain management of its reins.

Extra officers rushed to assist their colleague are inclined to the horse, which lay immobile on the ground.

Carnival goers have been additionally seen watching in horror as police tried to maintain the general public away.

Sandown was described as one of many Metropolitan Police’s most skilled horses, having served an “impeccable” seven years on the pressure.

The assault comes after his companion Urbane Sandown (pictured), a 14-year-old chestnut gelding, collapsed at Notting Hill Carnival, west London, in September final yr.
The Metropolitan Police shared the pictures and gave a “big thanks” to the heroic witnesses who “tried to assist Urbane” from being attacked by what seemed to be an American bulldog. Photograph: The then Duchess of Cornwall with Urbane in 2019
An officer dismounted after the canine was eliminated and shouted for the canine to be instantly placed on a lead
Officers shared the pictures and gave a “big thanks” to the heroic witnesses who “tried to assist”

Officers shared the pictures and gave a “big thanks” to the heroic witnesses who “tried to assist Urbane” from being attacked.

What’s the Harmful Canine Act? Which canines are prohibited? And why is it controversial?


The Harmful Canine Act 1991 bans or restricts sure forms of canines and makes it an offense to permit a canine of any type of breed to be dangerously uncontrolled.

It was launched 30 years in the past by Dwelling Secretary Kenneth Baker “to rid the nation of the menace of those preventing canines” after a collection of assaults.


It’s unlawful to personal 4 breeds of canine and not using a court docket exemption. They’re:

  • American pitbull terriers
  • Japanese tosas
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brazileiro

The regulation additionally criminalizes the interbreeding of the above 4 forms of canines – vizWhether or not a canine is banned will depend upon a judgment about its bodily traits and whether or not it matches the outline of a banned ‘sort’.


You will get an infinite effective or go to jail for as much as six months in case your canine is dangerously uncontrolled.

You might not be allowed to personal a canine sooner or later and your canine could also be destroyed.

For those who let your canine injure somebody, you could be jailed for as much as 5 years or fined. For those who deliberately use your canine to injure somebody, you can be charged with ‘malicious wounding’.

And for those who enable your canine to kill somebody, you could be jailed for as much as 14 years or face an infinite effective.


Each the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the British Veterinary Affiliation protested the ban, insisting there is no such thing as a scientific proof that every one people of a breed are harmful.

Nevertheless, Met Police figures present that in incidents involving “dangerously uncontrolled canines”, banned breeds account for round a fifth of offences.

They added: “We hope he’ll return to responsibility as soon as he has totally recovered, however not earlier than.”

Through the video, an officer could be seen dismounting a horse after the canine walks away.

A witness, 37, instructed the Solar she was strolling her canine when she noticed the opposite canine wanting on the horses.

He mentioned: “It was surprising and terrifying. You might say it was dangerous. I noticed the canine and the physique language was very within the horses and was going to struggle them.

“The officers have been making an attempt to get the proprietor to get the canine underneath management and secured.”

He mentioned one particular person managed to seize the canine, however the proprietor took his time to place the canine on a lead.

The witness added that she was “sorry” she could not do something to assist however felt she needed to preserve her personal canine underneath management.

He accused some house owners of the canine breed of shopping for them only for “standing” and urged canine house owners to maintain their pets on a lead.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police mentioned:

“On Wednesday twenty second March a canine was arrested in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, after attacking a police horse.

“The horse required stitches and is anticipated to return to service after recovering.

“The canine stays in police kennels and officers are in touch with its proprietor.

“No arrests have been made. The investigations are persevering with.”

A report from February this yr revealed there have been 18 deadly canine assaults since January 2020, with final yr being the deadliest on file.

Twelve folks, from a 17-month-old toddler to an 83-year-old pensioner, have been killed in canine assaults throughout England and Wales in a 12-month interval – with specialists pointing to a number of associated developments presumably behind the spate of alarming killings.

James McNally, who has been dubbed Britain’s ‘canine chew lawyer’ and a private damage declare skilled with Slee Blackwell Solicitors, has beforehand mentioned he had seen a rise within the variety of canine chew claims lately.

Earlier this yr he instructed MailOnline that he had greater than 180 prospects and his inbox was overflowing with new inquiries each day.

Mr McNally mentioned: “Among the worst accidents we see are from these beloved family pets. Collies, Jack Russells, Huskies. Any canine ​​could cause damage at any time.

“We had a woman who misplaced the tip of her nostril whereas the start guides have been lacking her fingers. There are instances we cope with the place a baby has been mauled by the canine and has suffered severe facial accidents – it is all horrendous.

“In plenty of instances we see, the best way I see it’s that they’re the household canines.

“I believe the pet increase has most likely contributed to the rising variety of canine bites, specialists have raised big issues about pet farms and I believe plenty of us simply do not recognize the entire world of canine breeding.

“In spite of everything, it’s kind of of a Wild West on the market. We had the flawed canines, raised by the flawed folks, went to the flawed properties.

“It is a recipe for catastrophe and it fueled the fireplace.”

The variety of canine assaults has prompted some to name for a renewal of the Harmful Canine Act 1991 – laws which imposed a blanket ban on 4 particular ‘preventing’ breeds within the UK. the Pit Bull Terrier, the Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasiliero.

One of many riders is believed to have suffered leg accidents and each have been injured after the canine bit their legs and our bodies

The act was launched 30 years in the past by Dwelling Secretary Kenneth Baker “to rid the nation of the menace of those preventing canines” after a spate of assaults.

Homeowners can obtain an infinite effective or be jailed for as much as six months if a canine is dangerously uncontrolled.

READ MORE: Why are deadly canine assaults on the rise? Specialists warn superstar ear cropping pattern, banned family pet farms and also TikTok fueling rise in accidents and also deaths

They might not be allowed to personal a canine sooner or later and also the canine could also be destroyed.

If house owners let their canine injure somebody, they are often jailed for as much as 5 years or fined. In the event that they deliberately use a canine to injure somebody, they might be charged with “malicious wounding.”

And if they permit a canine to kill somebody, they are often jailed for as much as 14 years or fined indefinitely.

Aggression in canines is nearly at all times a case of worry – utilizing their chew as a final resort methodology of self-defense or to cease a daunting or disagreeable expertise.

Such fears might come up because of the socialization of the pet within the early years or earlier experiences.

Homeowners ought to be capable of acknowledge and also decide how a canine is feeling, with many giving warning indicators earlier than an assault.

There are lots of indicators that canines may give to point that they’re nervous, afraid or pressured and also these embrace yawning or licking their lips, curling up with their tail between their legs, wagging their tails and growling.

If a canine is displaying indicators of aggression, it is best to seek the advice of a veterinarian to find out if there’s a medical trigger, similar to ache or discomfort.

In any other situation, speaking to a behaviorist might aid tame a extra hostile pet.

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